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VML enables video to converge with real-time connected data. Instantly generate interactive and personalised video on each user's device at the precise moment of viewing.

An engaging, seamless, interactive experience for connecting people, business and media.

The Future of Digital Media

Currently video is a one-way, passive form of viewing. Discover the new way for viewers to interact and take action with VML experiences.

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Real-time Personalisation
Use your data to generate infinite personalised videos which can automate to the language and location of viewers. Video can update instantly on the device as the data changes.
Create interactive viewing experiences with clickable CTAs optimised for instant feedback and conversions e.g. Live polling, surveys, add to cart, sign up. Enable Live A/B Testing which automatically adapts video.
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Security & Storage
VML experiences only exist at the time of viewing,  ensuring complete data segregation. Remove the overhead of centrally creating and storing each individual video all within an end-to-end encrypted platform.
Speed & Control
The world's fastest & most cost effective way to produce and manage on brand personalised content. A complete digital review and audit trail of each video always keeps you in control.

VML Player

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Utilise your data and the power of VML to create personalised, contextualised and interactive content in real time. Create and distribute video instantly at any scale to an unlimited number of viewers. Revolutionise engagement, forge meaningful connections and drive conversions.

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VML Platform

Transform how your organisation creates, manages and distributes video. Built for today’s communication challenges, this enterprise level technology mirrors your own security and sign-off protocols. All your video assets are now dynamic, securely stored, fully compliant and always on-brand.

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Scalable & Sustainable Video

To achieve personalisation, current video software creates and stores an individual variation for every viewer which is costly, inefficient and harmful to the environment.

With VML’s unique real-time capability, video can become personalised to an infinite number of viewers in seconds eliminating production and storage costs as well as any environmental concerns.

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Unlike our competitors, there is no increase in cost, time or environmental impact whether you’re creating a campaign for 10 recipients or 1 billion. See how VML compares to current video personalisation providers:






Storage used


VML Video





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Revolutionising Engagement

Maximise engagement with individuals, clients and audiences. For the first time, viewers can respond to content in real-time. This all-in-one video experience is uniquely enhanced with interactive clickable links, calls to action and purchase capabilities.

Infinite Campaign Variations

Rich video analytics created by the VML player not only help inform campaign performance, it also enables video to self update and optimise for each audience segment, geographic region or specific customer.  This is real-time, data driven programmatic video, always ensuring the most engaging video is distributed to each individual viewer.

Redefining Data Privacy

Uniquely, VML video only exists at the exact moment of viewing.
This world first capability means that data in video is never stored and disappears as soon as the viewer stops watching.


VML is fully compliant across all main privacy legislation including GDPR, CCPA and HIPAA.


All of your data can now be used in total confidence, opening completely new ways to connect and engage your audiences.

VML Technology is an ISO 27001 certified company.

What our customers say

VML has identified a genuine problem and is solving it with a unique product, powered by the latest technology. The team’s drive to continuously explore its application and evolve it, offers huge potential. It opens new opportunities for video engagement both now and in the future.

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In the old days, if you were speaking at a conference, you would hire a video production company to produce your speech. Some time later, at significant cost, following internal review and approval, you would have a publishable product. Now your marketing department, using VML, films you speaking, edits as soon as you sit down, adds the text there and then, and within minutes posts to your CMO or Head of Compliance for approval. My team at UK Finance loved it!

Key benefits are flexibility, being able to create content where we want and when we want, and cost effectiveness. It is very easy to use and very intuitive. It has been a really effective communication tool.