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In healthcare, trust is everything. VML is a new way for healthcare providers to utilise their first party data to engage with patients and members in complete security, delivering enhanced service, care and confidence.

Onboarding New & Returning Members

Welcome health plan members with personalised video experiences delivering a unique, tailored first impression. Help new members make the most of their healthcare plans by providing insightful, interactive content from the beginning. Use interactive elements to enable viewers to set preferences and input data while they learn the details of their health plan.

With VML, video messaging and calls to action reactively adapt based on each member’s status (new or returning) to deliver the most relevant information, increasing confidence and satisfaction. Each video is optimised to achieve your objectives, such as increased portal registrations or reduced customer service calls.

Promotion of Services & Coverage

A wide variety of health plans with differing coverage can make it difficult to communicate with customers in a personalised, meaningful way.

With VML, securely utilise each member’s data to display the relevant brand, member plan and coverage details that the individual is entitled to. Eliminate the time, cost and standardisation associated with creating a video for each customer segment resulting in secure, hyper-personalised video for each individual.

Explanation of Benefits

Automatically generate individualised Explanations of Benefits (EOBs) each time your health plan members receive medical care. EOBs become a digital experience that accurately explain how members will share the costs with their healthcare providers in a clear manner that erases confusion. In-video interactive polls and questionnaires can be created to ensure understanding and offer any additional information required.

Digitising Communications

Transform communications by sending secure personalised, video communications to users who can actively engage with the video content. Apply any call to action to shorten customer journeys and encourage appointment booking with healthcare professionals.

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