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Securely combine media assets, all relevant data and advanced analytics to generate hyper-personalised video at each step of the customer journey.

Personalised Portfolio Reporting

Connect in new ways with a full range of clients from retail and private, through to corporate and investment banking. Securely utilise individual data and external live contextual information such as live stock markets, to present a real time picture of each customer’s finances in a dynamic, interactive video experience. Include clickable Calls-to-action to connect customers to advisors, select product options, generate customer surveys or select financial portfolio choices. All while the video is secure and the data only visible to you and the customer.

Your Data Remains in Your Hands

Utilise your data to construct personalised and contextualised videos instantly and at any scale without ever having to share your data with any third party, including us.

Drive new levels of service customisation, with tailored financial offers and reporting across customer and audience touch points.

Fully compliant with global privacy regulation, including the GDPR, you can now connect with customers in completely new ways.

Deepening Customer Loyalty

Increase the lifetime value of customers by engaging with them continuously and intelligently to strengthen relationships.

Utilise advanced analytics to identify less engaged customers and generate timely, personalised messages to reduce customer churn.

Simplifying Product Explanations

Explain complex information in a clear, personalised video that dynamically adapts based on the user's engagement and profile.

Each time a customer submits a request seeking information, VML can instantly generate a video using their data to create a bespoke video explaining exactly what they need to know and providing bespoke information and offers.

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