VML Platform

Your all-in-one
video platform

Engage audiences in your own secure, managed, end-to-end encrypted environment.


A fully self-service platform that sits across the entire video ecosystem. VML Platform enables teams to collaborate in the cloud, publish content efficiently and maximise the impact of marketing assets.


All of your team members can now securely upload, record and edit video, wherever and whenever they want. Using VML's own video platform, each video is automatically branded, transcribed and translated to subtitles which are displayed on screen in your brand colours/design.

Save time and production costs using our automated editing processes. Video is now created at the pace required for today’s audiences.

Manage & Control

All videos enter a workflow that is set up to mirror your own internal compliance processes. Tiered user access ensures that no content can leave the platform without sign-off and only the applicable users have access to the relevant content.

A complete digital audit of every step in the video lifecycle details each action taken by whom and when. It's an efficient, fully controlled process leaving nothing to chance with the VML Video Platform.


No more file sharing uncertainty and version control headaches.

Using our video platform, your people can now securely collaborate and work seamlessly on the same video project from multiple locations. Translate and Subtitle videos together within the same project, without loosing any of the work..


Videos created within the platform can only be shared by approved users. Once a video has been approved, it can be published within the platform for the relevant users to watch.

Approved users also have the option to share videos for use on websites, email campaigns, social media accounts or downloaded to device.

video conferencing with vml

VML Conference

With in-built video conferencing, you can communicate with customers, clients or colleagues remotely and efficiently. Organisations are no longer posed with security and privacy concerns while communicating online via our end-to-end encrypted platform.

You now have the ability to record, transcribe and securely store conferences for consumption and playback at a later date increasing accessibility for remote teams.


Complete with an analytics dashboard, you have full oversight of the performance of each video.

Review the total views, unique views, average viewing length and the application the video was watched on for every video.

Optimise engagement within your organisation by continuously analysing and improving your efforts using your platform’s analytics dashboard.

video analytics

Features & Benefits of VML Video Platform

In-Video Personalisation

With the power of the VML Player, dynamically connect data into easy-to-use video templates to generate personalised video at scale.

Create unparalleled levels of engagement by creating video that is relevant and resonates with the individual viewer. You can make these personalisations using data, all within our video platform.

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Personalisation shown on a video frame with time and location