About Us

Building the video experiences of the future

VML combines data, media and analytics to instantly create interactive and personalised experiences

It’s not just what we do, it’s who we are.

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About Us

At VML Technology, we transform how organisations communicate, engage and interact with audiences.

We identified a need and opportunity for technology that transforms video, enabling it to be reactively dynamic, fully interactive and integrate with data at any scale.

Using VML, organisations can combine media, data and analytics for the first time providing a video experience like no other.  

Our Culture

We thrive on a shared passion for excellence and continuous innovation. Our culture is driven by our technology and how it reimagines communication.

From our commitment to explore the possibilities of VML with our clients, to how we use VML across our own teams, we have fostered technical know-how, creativity and enthusiasm in everything we do.

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Our Team

We’re creators, accelerators and innovators, pioneering new levels of audience engagement with the world’s first patented AI player technology for interactive intelligent video.

Based in Europe, we’re a team of international, award-winning software & web engineers, UX  designers and video production specialists.

Together, we have created a new form of video which has opened new possibilities in communication. Across our team the positivity and excitement in what we do is tangible as we work, collaborate and play together.