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Transform customer service and value with real time, hyper personalised experiences to drive retention and increased profitability.  Leverage all CRM data to automatically factor in the particular product or policy details they have chosen, with calls to action integrated into video to take immediate action.

Personalised Policy Explanations

Seamless onboarding is fundamental to building lasting relationships with customers. Engage from the beginning with personalised, interactive onboarding experiences that communicate value and tailoring of individual needs. Help

Customers can navigate insurance through interactive content that clarifies individual policies and dynamically reacts in real time to each person’s level of engagement and understanding.

Engaging Policy Renewals

Effectively Interact and connect with customers, communicating the benefits and value through a video experience which increases satisfaction and reduces churn. Interactive contact details within video offers unparalleled customer service increasing the rate of renewals and enhancing customer experience.

Simplified Claims Processing

Provide vital support and response for customers in what can be a confusing process. Educate customers through an interactive experience that enables them to fully understand the payment required based on their individual policy. Video can adapt in real-time based on changing account data or contextual information, to give your customers a new level of service and satisfaction. 

Features & Benefits