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Rich video analytics created by the VML Player not only helps inform campaign performance, it also enables video to self update and optimise for each audience segment, geographic region or specific customer.

This is real-time, data driven programmatic video marketing, always ensuring the most engaging video is distributed to each individual viewer.

Say goodbye to flat video, VML renders your media in real-time

Based on data, user input and engagement, VML ensures the most engaging and personalised media variations are always delivered to each of your individual viewers while also keeping the costs of your campaign down.

Personalised and Interactive Advertising

Ad channel diversification can be truly disruptive in all digital media. Advertisers can create fully customised content with different media assets, images, branding etc all generated on the fly. Viewer’s information can be parsed on the client side overcoming the challenges of user privacy and data compliance.

When distributed through ad servers like Google ads, VML can determine the optimal combination of assets for each ad slot based on predictions from performance history, viewer status and any custom filters. Making video marketing even more user dependant.

Maximising Conversions

Using our advanced engagement analytics, VML can intelligently display calls to action when the viewer is most engaged to maximise conversion rates. Reach your campaign goals by using interactive content that streamlines the customer journey and increases website traffic, purchases and/or subscriptions significantly increasing your ROI.

The cost of one variation is the exact same as one million and one billion. Reiterate that through the power of VML, you can tailor individual messages without the cost or time overhead.

Dynamic Localisation

Using location settings, the video adapts in real-time to target customers with geo-specific products and promotions resulting in increased sales. All subtitles, graphics and text are automatically translated to the language of the viewer using their device settings, eliminating the requirement for multiple variations of video content, making one video marketing campaign unique to each viewer. Real time, contextual data such as stock levels, store locations and weather can be utilised to enrich video content and generate, instant, truly localised, relevant experiences.

Video variations costs the same as one video!

The cost of one video is the exact same as one million and one billion. Reiterate that through the power of VML, organisations can tailor individual messages without the cost or time overhead

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