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Combine data and media to create interactive and personalised experiences instantly, at any scale.

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VML presents a player engine that enables any media to be dynamically converged with data.

VML Player has the ability to instantly create personalised, interactive, and contextually-aware content for any viewer—optimising engagement and conversions in real-time.


Video is now as unique as the individual.

Using the power of edge computing, you can now utilise your data to reach new levels of engagement and business performance.

Generate an infinite number of videos instantly at scale, exponentially outperforming any other technology in an all-encompassing way—in terms of speed, cost, efficiency, and levels of real-time personalisation.

Maximising Data

Each VML experience is tailored to the individual using CRM data, live external data and viewing analytics. VML can respond in real-time to inspire, inform and convert viewers.


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Personal Preferences
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Purchase History

External Data

Product stock levels
Financial Markets
Travel Updates
News Alerts
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Date & Time of Viewing


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Video Completion Rate
User Interaction
Video Drop-off Rate
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Video is no longer a one way passive form of viewing, audiences can now fully interact with VML. This unique capability allows you to get closer to your customers and connect with them in new ways.

Using polls, questionnaires and calls-to-action, your organisation can strategically increase engagement while collecting research and learning about viewer preferences.

Based on each user’s interactions, video sequences can adapt in real-time to optimise the individual viewer experience.


VML experiences can include interactive elements to drive consumer action. This can include polls and questionnaires to collect research to understand individual consumer needs and inform business decisions.

Calls-to-action such as add to cart, book now and purchase can also be embedded and linked to e-commerce and purchase engines to capitalise on viewer engagement.

Security & Data Privacy

Any data utilised within VML experiences is securely pulled from your Databases or APIs. Information only appears at the moment of viewing to ensure optimum security and data protection.

Your organisation’s data is never processed by VML or any third party servers to ensure complete data segregation.

VML meets all global data privacy requirements including GDPR, CCPA and HIPAA, providing total reassurance that you can fully utilise your data with zero security or privacy concerns.

Sustainable Digital Media

Centralised data centres currently require huge amounts of energy which has resulted in exponential electronic waste and carbon emissions.

VML enables scalable, personalised video content for unlimited viewers from a single source video. This fundamentally changes energy and storage needs, allowing maximum video engagement with a minimal carbon footprint.

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Features & Benefits

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The VML Player can be seamlessly integrated into your platforms or applications with our iOS, Android or web SDK.

There’s no need for complex time or resource commitments from your teams. We can integrate the power of VML Player easily and with no disruption to your day-to-day processes.

Bespoke Solution

Each implementation involves technical support to maximise the power of VML.

Our VML experts work with you to reimagine the power of data and video, transforming your organisation's communication and business performance.