Customer Updates

September 13, 2021

Discover exciting new video branding capabilities with VML!

Branding Packages allow you to professionally brand, edit, embellish and add interactive elements to your video in seconds. With the power of Branding Packages in the VML editing suite, you can empower your team to create beautiful and engaging videos with zero editing experience.

Graphics now include:

  • Unlimited and dynamic text fields that can be data-driven using the power of VML.
  • Interactive and clickable elements allow you to create an interactive video experience.
  • Variable graphic durations and placements. No longer are you limited to one location or set duration for a graphic layer. The same graphic layer can be designed to be positioned anywhere within the video frame according to your brand guidelines.
  • Graphic Overlays can now be positioned, scaled and be transparent, all within your control.
  • Opening and Closing graphics can now be turned on and off on a per-project basis.

The enhancements added to the VML Platform allow you to have unlimited amounts of reusable video animation elements within a brand compliant package. This allows you to easily and quickly create branded, beautiful content from your library of on-brand graphics.

Branding Packages are designed to ensure the following:

  • Video is always brand compliant
  • Content can be re-branded to any sub-brand instantly, with no additional effort
  • Editing can be reduced from days to minutes
  • All of your digital brand assets can be represented within a Branding Package for use and re-use

We are excited to bring Branding Packages to your platform! Reach out to a member of the VML team at to find out more and to help advise on how you can create your Branding Packages.